Once Again LeBron Showed When Shit Gets Tough And Doesn't Go His Way, He's Going To Throw A Temper Tantrum And Quit On His Team

Christ almighty LeBron. This, this is why it's impossible to defend him. I'm not talking about his actual game, but this sort of shit. We all know LeBron is a top-2 player of all time. We also know he's a top-2 insufferable player of all time. Boo hoo you didn't have Anthony Davis. You still have more help on these Lakers than you did with the Cavs the first time around.  You sit on that bench and watch your team gets its ass kicked until the buzzer. There are 6 minutes left. Why even sit out there for the entire fourth quarter? If you're going to throw a temper tantrum and want the world to know you're leaving your team out there just dip out to start the fourth. Sit on the bench with a sandwich and some pasta. 

But this is who LeBron is. When shit doesn't go his way he just quits. He goes and plays in Miami. He tries to be a villain then gets all pissy when people don't like him. He trades people the moment he can in order to bring in a friend and then changes their game completely - see Love, Kevin. It's all LeBron's fault too. If he was just normal and not a fraud with this shit people would actually appreciate how fucking good he is at basketball. But he can't. He's gotta do shit like this and immediately we all get reminded why we can't stand him. 

So now the Lakers are on the brink of elimination. It's on LeBron. You're the best player in the world. You're playing a team with a banged up Chris Paul. Sure, the Suns are good. But you're the best player in the world in the playoffs. Take over the game. Instead LeBron will quit on his team when shit hits the fan like a blowout. 

*This all changes if he had to take a monster shit and/or had diarrhea. Sometimes that can't wait and if true just announce you have a case of bubble guts.