The Oakland A's Went Full Fyre Fest With The Meals They Are Serving Their Minor Leaguers


Everyone remembers the above picture, the infamous gourmet dinner from the Fyre Fest. I remember waking up the morning all of the Fyre Fest news was breaking and being very confused, yet thoroughly amused. Then the images started rolling in of the FEMA tents, the scattered mattresses, the buses with no destinations, the poor influencers who couldn't charge their phones, and best of all, that cheese sandwich. I'm a simple lad and I laugh every single time I see it because it truly is the epitome of everything Fyre Fest wasn't supposed to be, but actually was.

Which takes us to today.

Every young boy's dream is to play professional baseball. Throwing the tennis ball against the fence, you picture yourself turning double plays at stadiums like Fenway, Wrigley, and if you're lucky enough, Guaranteed Rate Field. You think of the fame, the glory, the millions of dollars in your bank account. And then you get drafted by the Oakland A's, and after another long bus ride as you chase your dream, they serve you this:



Oh no!!!! Literally when I saw that tweet for the first time I thought they actually used the Fyre Fest picture. To be fair though, that lettuce is still green and that tomato is still red, so that's a win, right? I mean beggars can't be choosers. And in the right hand picture, that's a protein and a veggie, so is there really anything to complain about??? I think I agree with this guy:



Amen, Willie. This is all part of the being in the minors magical experience. You make $40,000 a year, you ride the bus for 12 hours, and you eat a cheese sandwich as your team meal. If you're still hungry after that, I'm sure the vending machine has PopTarts if you so desire. If everyone ate like kings in the minors, why would they even want to make the majors, ever think about that????

Besides, the A's have fallen on hard times and if the team is going to be homeless, the players will eat like they are too. Fair is fair. And if they want more food, well, I know a way they can try…..