I Fucked Up (Another Snake Draft)

I want to get out in front of this before I get roasted on the internet again. Snake drafts are hardly an exact science. There's going to be 2nd guessing. I took The Alabama Leprechaun and LaTarian Milton. They're not bad. I did miss on maybe my favorite video in the history of the internet. I tried to do this draft just based purely on memory. I didn't want to pander. I didn't want to draft off a list that someone else compiled to just get more votes in the poll. I took my videos...I just omitted my favorite. 

"The perfect internet video doesn't exi...


How in the fuck did we all, collectively, leave off Danny Boy Cane? A guy who couldn't exist on the internet in this modern world. I don't know if he just didn't register in my brain because I don't know if this is truly viral or if it's just burned into my brain as a stoolie who went to this website basically everyday since 2006. Is Danny Boy Cane viral like the Leprechaun say yeah video or is it just viral inside of Barstool because Dave, Dan, and all of stoolies love it and reference it all the time? I don't know. What I do know is that I fucked up. We went 6 rounds today. Probably could've gone 7th. This is a first round video and I wish I took it in the 4th round because somehow it went totally unmentioned. DBC, the undisputed King of the early internet and if he had a kid he would pay the child support because he can work because he never once had the swine flu, nor was he attacked by a bear despite what is being said on Canes Time. I fucked up. Write it. 

The rest of my draft was perfect. You should vote for me, in my humble unbiased opinion