Tony LaRussa's DUI Video Is Released *Rolls Eyes*

For this week in "Tony LaRussa Is The Storyline Of The 2021 White Sox", we have his newly released DUI arrest video. Truthfully, I haven't watched it and won't watch it. This tweet got sent to me in a group chat this afternoon and I just rolled my eyes. Apparently the video sucks, FWIW, and is much adieu about nothing. "The most boring DUI video ever" is what I was told. That doesn't make this situation suck any less; this team is rolling and once again, Tony LaRussa is in the news for his (2nd!!!) major fuck up when the real story should be 26 players on the field. Such is life though; I wouldn't have even blogged this because I don't want to shed ANY light on the team for something not baseball related, but I'd get bitched at if I didn't, so here we are. I'm sure next week something else will happen where I'm almost copying this blog word for word. 

Such is life being a White Sox blogger. Can't have nice things all that much. I just want the narrative of this team to be about the players and their 33-21 record; not their manager and non-baseball shit. 

That said, we got a baseball game to worry about tonight and to his defense, TLR pushed a LOT of good buttons yesterday. Particularly putting Pito in motion in the 6th inning of game one yesterday and stealing Hamilton (though he's prolly got the green light any time he's on base). Sort of wish he would have told Lambert to walk Ramirez yesterday, but whatever. Shit happens. All in all, he was more "good" than "bad" yesterday. 

Shane Bieber vs. Dylan Cease tonight. Shane Bieber might be the most impressive pitcher I've ever seen in person; I was at his start against Giolito last month at Sox Park and he has the most repeatable mechanics I've ever seen. Every pitch in every count is coming out of the exact same slot and with the exact same tempo. We speak ad nauseam about repeatability in mechanics and tempo on Red Line Radio. Bieber is a poster boy for the term.

But I think the Sox touch him up a bit tonight. They teed off on Jack Flaherty last week, they teed off on Jake Karinchak yesterday and I have a feeling they've seen Bieber enough thus far in 2021 where they touch him up enough to push 3-4 runs tonight, in spite of those pristine mechanics I just spoke about. 

I got Cease O6 Ks in a White Sox winner tonight at +320. You should too. 

Ya see what I did there? I just turned a "TLR is a dumbass" blog into a "ride with me and make some money gambling" blog. That was taught at blogger school last year or some shit.