Say It With Me: Peace The FUCK Out COVID - Illinois Is Officially Scheduled To Be 100% Open On June 11th


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Summertime Chi is going to be BIBLICAL this year. I just walked into Starbucks to get coffee and there was a sign on the front door that said, "masks optional". I couldn't have ripped that rag off my face faster. We are SO CLOSE to normal life. The last year has sucked ass for everyone, but some people a LOT worse than others - that goes without say. I am not a religious person, but there's not a word I can use to describe the position myself and the rest of Barstool is in right now as far as continuing to work and make money is concerned. There were a ton of people out of work throughout the course of the last year and I'm genuinely very happy that most of them will now be able to start putting food on their tables again. 

That said, let's burn this city to the fucking GROUND this summer. Metaphorically speaking, of course…. but sort of not at the same time. We've already seen what the Sox Park bleachers are like this year at 60% capacity:

Just think what it's going to be like with 35,000+ stir crazy Sox fans that are sick as fuck of losing. It will be MAYHEM on a nightly basis, and I'm here for it. Those bleachers are going to develop a (much deserved) reputation for being the Wild West in Chicago this summer. Sign me up. 

But I'm not even talking about Castaways, The Viagra Triangle, Old Town, North Ave and Oak Street beaches, Wrigleyville (the Cubs are also annoyingly really good right now), Wicker, River North, The Play Pen, etc. etc. etc. Chicago is about to be a goddamn ZOO and it's going to be a zoo in the best way possible. 

Corona is dead. I hope. I don't want to start some fucking vaccine debate but so long as we keep getting shots in arms, we can go back to living like we used to, except x1000 now that we know what the flip side is. Mayor Light better fucking not pull her bullshit and keep us restricted in Chicago. Anyone who wants the vaccine can get one within like 2 minutes right now. If you don't have it, it's on you at this point. Nobody should have to go out of their way to protect you. That's an objective fact, not an opinion.

I cannot wait for June 11th. Two first place baseball teams, no more capacity restrictions, and Chicago summertime weather. 

In the words of Johnny Drama, "GODDAMN I LOVE THIS MOTHERFUCKING TOWN!!!"