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The Rays' President Supposedly Told a Tampa City Council Member the Team Might Move to Nashville

Tampa Bay Times — Tampa City Council member Charlie Miranda said Friday that Tampa Bay Rays president Brian Auld told him this week that relocating to Nashville might be in the cards.

The revelation comes amid discord between the team and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman, who has cut off negotiations with team owner Stu Sternberg as a lawsuit involving minority investors continues.

Miranda said Rays President Brian Auld brought up Nashville as a possible destination for the team if the solution for a new Rays ballpark doesn’t materialize in Tampa.

Alright baby, we're officially at the point in the baseball season when people in the Rays front office are leaking a potential franchise relocation to try to get a new stadium. And I honestly don't care how much truth there even is to this report or how serious they are about moving, the Rays president (allegedly) mentioned Nashville, so I'm all in.

Sometime in the next decade, there will be a Major League Baseball team in Nashville, Tennessee. And whether it's an existing franchise or an expansion team, it's going to be wildly successful. Just look at the crowds Nashville has drawn for a new MLS franchise. Baseball in that town is going to murder it.

So can you imagine taking one of the most successful front offices in sports — which has had sustained success with little in the way of money or fan support — and putting it in a brand new ballpark in a city where the support is going to be unreal and giving it real money to spend? I don't think it's hyperbole to say the Rays would almost immediately be entered into the conversation as the best team in baseball year after year. Hell, they're kinda there already, it's just that nobody really cares.

Rays president Brian Auld later released a statement on Friday saying the team isn't actively pursuing negotiations with other cities, but of course he's going to say that. And I'm sure the team would prefer to just get a new stadium in Tampa and call it even. But if that's not going to happen, y'all just come on up to a town that's going to appreciate you, Brian.

I can see Tyler Glasnow winning a Cy Young for the Nashville Stars now.