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Volleyball Dude Catches A Spike To The Face, Picks Himself Off The Floor The Only Way Possible

Hold on, let me get this out of the way first. 

The real story here is how the video cuts out a second too early. People catch spikes to the face a handful of times. That's not the key here. Look at how my man bounces back. A kick that would make HBK jealous. Frankly that's the only way you can bounce back from catching a heater to the dome. You change that story around. You become the guy that got off the floor the most impressive way possible, something Scottie Lewis started doing. 

Catching a ball to the face has to be a bottom feeling, especially in volleyball where you are supposed to use your hands. You gotta be on high alert in that small setting. But this is truly a shame on the camera guy. Let the man rebound. Show the world his highlight, not getting his face rearranged. As far as I'm concerned it's 1-1 now.