I Am DONE With Being Quote Tweeted By Simpleton White Sox Fans Because I Was Angry That I Lost A Bet(s)

This tweet has been screenshot'd(pussies, at least tag me in the tweet), quote tweeted, replied to, laughed at, basically every single day since I tweeted it. Part of that hate and mockery is justified. Mostly because ever since I tweeted that, Moncada has been on an absolute fucking tear. 

Maybe I bullied him into a hot streak. Maybe you all should thank me. 

Here is the thing about this tweet that I have said repeatedly on multiple platforms. On was rooting for him that day. I responsibly bet the White Sox every which way on the BarstoolSports Book because I went to the game with WSD. I had Moncada + the Sox to win. I had Sox run line. I had Sox -3.5 because WSD had convinced me that the Sox were going to mash whoever was pitching that day. I put those bets in, responsibly, and then headed to the bar to pregame with WSD where we ran into some stoolies who insisted on buying us shots. Being the appreciative and humble blogger that I am I obliged them. That happened maybe 4 more times at the bar in addition to my skinny waters with lemon and Miller Lites. 

By the time I got to the ball park I was feeling a little frisky. As it turns out Moncada went 1-3 that day with a walk. Not bad. Just not what my drunk brain needed when I blamed him for every bet I had that was a loser when he ran down the first baseline and started limping around. Sorry, that was the perfect storm of events for me to hate Moncada. He had an instance of bad body language(which he often has), I had a few too many sodas, and all my bets were losing. I lashed out. Sorry. If you assholes can't relate to that situation then I don't know what to tell you. This is in my DNA. That's gambling. I can't be held responsible for tweets I say in that state of mind.  I have a similar tweet that resurfaces at least once year about Deshaun Watson because he couldn't cover the spread on a Thursday night on the road in either Louisville or Cincinnati.

Is that the type of thing you want to be known for as a fan base? Attacking people in the bleachers, attacking base coaches, attacking umpires, and bloggers who lost bets and got a little fast and loose with his twitter fingers? That's the way you're trending. A place with no forgiveness. Shameful. I just wanted to sit out there and I couldn't because I was getting chirped every second by the creatures who probably would rather have sucker punched me, but instead resorted to twitter assaults. Shameful. Make Sox Park fun. 

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