The Ontario Government Got Internet Bullied Into Allowing Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers To Attend Game 7 In Person

So this was the story in Ontario over the last few days. 

“Given the fact that a large number of our essential workers and healthcare workers who have given so much over the last year are fully vaccinated, this would be a way to give the Maple Leafs a boost,” Brown told CP24, adding that U.S. CDC guidance says fully inoculated individuals can be indoors, unmasked without risk.

Asked if they would allow it, an Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Tourism, Culture and Sport spokesperson said it was just not possible for Monday.

“The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health reviewed and approved the NHL’s return-to-play plan for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators. The return-to-play plan includes rigorous health and safety protocols developed to ensure the safety of players, staff, their families, and the community,” Dakota Braiser told CTV News Toronto. “At this time, no spectators are allowed to attend games in-person.”

“The province will continue to follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, other health experts and local public health to determine when and if it is safe for measures to be lifted based off the Roadmap to Reopen.”

The single biggest hockey game in Canada in decades. Two original 6 titans. Game 7. Should there be fully vaccinated fans allowed?..."Nah"--Ontario Government. 

Just unbelievable. The only thing missing from the Canadian division playoffs has been fans. We didn't get the anthems in French. We didn't have the white out in Winnipeg. Nobody turned over cars in Edmonton after being swept out in the first round...again. It's bullshit. A proposal to let some fans in that have given so much over the last year and have received the vaccine. You'd think that would be an INSTANT yes...but that wasn't the case. It took a constructive amount of outrage/backlash until the Ontario officials capitulated to common sense

550 people. That's it. That number seems shockingly low. Now, if this is about saving people covid-19 then I think this is bullshit. Every other stadium in the league is allowing fans. Things seem to be going along smoothly. If this is about Ontario health officials saving their citizens from…the Toronto Maple Leafs then I get it. They should probably step in and black the game out. Don't let anyone in Ontario watch it. 

They did not avoid tying that record. 

We won't even get to see people dying in the street outside the stadium as has become tradition when the Leafs rip their fans guts out. Let's hope they have the streams going. Never forget.