NYT Reporter Reached Out To Tim Dillon For A Profile About Rogan, Dillon Promptly Told The New York Times To Fuck Off

Sorry for the misleading title of this blog. He told them to fuck off, but he did so respectfully. This is a totally appropriate response to a reporter who is likely trying to do the same thing to Rogan that many outlets(and internal spotify employees) have tried to do since he got the bag...cancel him. A man with integrity, a clear intellect, thinks for himself, has fuck you money, and a MASSIVE audience...gotta get rid of that guy. Increasingly, it seems like people are aware of Rogan since he got that $200M(the number keeps going up) bag from Spotify. If you google "Joe Rogan" and then click on the "news" tab you can scroll through a seemingly infinite number of articles with negative tags portraying him incorrectly. Sure, Rogan says some things that will make you stop or roll your eyes or whatever, but that is always going to happen when you sit and talk to someone for 3+ hours straight with the assistance of coffee, whiskey, and weed. So if you're a friend of his, like Dillon, and you get an email from a reporter who "mostly just wants to get a feel for Joe as a host" when in reality you know they're looking for one quote from his circle after a leading question is asked that they can use to reinforce the narrative and the agenda that the "journalist" already had in their head when starting the "report" then the only appropriate response is a respectful...fuck off. A lesson some friends of prominent media tycoons still need to learn

I need Rogan and Portnoy to have a sit down. I feel like there is a large audience cross over between the two, but neither guy really pays attention to the other one. Dillon has done stuff with KFC. A lot of Rogan's circle have crossed over into the Barstool Universe thanks to ATI and KFC Radio in general. Seems like this should only be a phone call away. The last time Dave went to Austin he had a sit down with TikoTexas. Rogan should be next. Make it happen.