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The Yankees Ruined Memorial Day Weekend As They Were Swept By The Last Place Detroit Tigers

Duane Burleson. Getty Images.

The Yankees were just swept by the last place Detroit Tigers. SWEPT. Hahahahhaha fuck this team. Memorial Day Weekend was completely ruined by these bozos trying to win baseball games. Sure they aren't at full strength but that's no excuse. The fucking Mets roll out imaginary people and are firmly in first place these days, contrary to what Frank the Tank's twitter may lead you to believe. This team is just bad. It's really not good at much when you look at it. Runs are at a true premium with this lineup and it's excruciating to watch. I know offense is down across the whole league, but holy fucking shit does this team lack the ability to score. 

They really went into this series hoping to coast on by the last place Tigers. Granted the New York Yankees SHOULD be able to do that against a team as bad as Detroit, but not at the level they're playing right now. Aside from Friday night where they took a one run lead into the bottom of the 10th, the Yankees never really sniffed a win. Of course that situation led to a two run walk off bomb with the Tigers down to their final strike. Parlay that with the way the Knicks played this weekend and yeah I'm not exactly a beacon of hope right now. 

The five pitchers that threw on Saturday and Sunday? Deivi Garcia, Albert Abreu, Mike King, Nestor Cortes, and Nick Nelson. Sick. With the Rays and Red Sox coming up this week at Yankee Stadium, they hoped to win with those guys and save the big guys for this coming week. What resulted was a sweep in the wrong direction. A complete and total disaster.

Gleyber showed his frustration after committing two errors in the field on Sunday. 

It's all ugly. Truly incredible how quick a turn things can take. You sweep the White Sox and feel great a week ago. Then all of a sudden the Jays take it to you and the Tigers sweep the rug out from beneath your feet. Not great, Bob. Could a kick in the ass like this spark the boys and wake them up? Sure, but it feels like they've needed that 8 times already. They show up for a game or two and then fall right back asleep. 

Should this team make the playoffs? Yes. Do they show any signs of being a team that could make a deep run? Absolutely not. Is it Boone? Is it roster construction?  It is philopshy of how to use an at bat the right way? Probably a good combination of all of the above. Everything sucks.