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Jared And Dallas May Have Discovered Why Pitchers Aren't Being Shown In-Between Pitches Anymore And It's A Sticky Situation.

We've got some sticky situations going on in baseball and it's centered around pitchers hats. In the wake of the Joe West so bravely protecting Giovanny Gallegos from being thrown out of the game by taking his hat which had a dark spot on it's brim the guys talk about why it seems like TV cameras aren't showing pitchers in-between their pitches. Hmm, makes you think if the are trying to protect their guys. Dallas also displays how you'll see pitchers grab their hats and how they'll keep whatever substances they have on their fingers off the brim of their hat to keep getting away with it. Gotta stay one step ahead. 

Jared: I've noticed in the last 3 weeks or so, that TV broadcasts are no longer showing the pitchers in-between pitches. I've noticed that if you're watching a guy on a broadcast in-between pitches they're showing the third baseman spitting seeds, they're showing this guy out in left field, whats he doing? Oh thats nice! They don't want to out their own guys."

Dallas: There's just so many other things to show the fans at the baseball game Jared, why are we so locked in on that guy?

Not only do the guys discuss the sticky situations, they dive into Joe West breaking the record for most games umpired, more discussion on the illegal and legal loopholes with substances, a look at the Astros - Dodges series, and injuries to some big names like Corey Kluber, Luke Voit, Bryce Harper, and Marcell Ozuna. 

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