Rate These New White Sox Uniforms

Simply put, these are FIRE. Sure, there are gonna be old people yelling at clouds that hate change and will piss and moan about anything, but this? THIS is how you "change the game" as the White Sox motto goes. These uniforms perfectly incapsulate the White Sox and South Side's identity. 

My one singular (personal) issue with them is that I don't like black jerseys on black pants - too "softball-y" for me. If the black on black combo is a 9 out of 10, they'd be a 10 out of 10 with white pants IMO, but that's semantics and nit picking. Fans love them and the players are gonna look great rocking them. 

Look good, play good.

This is the breath of fresh air the White Sox needed outside of everything they're doing on the field right now. The White Sox are a very good team; everybody knows that. But they're finding themselves in the dog house of public opinion week after week because of something Tony LaRussa has done or said. These jerseys take the focus off him and all of that nonsense for a minute, and for that reason, I'm ALL IN on them, though I do think they're awesome at the same time. Wouldn't be surprised if they make their way into the rotation on a somewhat regular level. That's how good the fanfare surrounding them has been. They sold out IMMEDIATELY.

After their dud of a weekend against the Yankees, they've won 3 of 4 and look to keep the ball moving against a lousy Matt Harvey and two more LHP tomorrow and Sunday in John Means and Keegan Akin. Means is obviously awesome but the White Sox still pound LHP. Let's sweep this lousy team and keep that momentum heading into June. 

Oh, and I almost forgot - pair the O's throwing two more LHP in this series and a dog shit Matt Harvey tonight, and the White Sox can make you money, so long as you're located in MI, IL, IN or PA and are legally and responsibly betting on the Barstool Sportsbook app. I think Vaughn goes yard tonight and will probably play Abreu and Grandal to go yard on Saturday and Sunday.

Let's cook!!!