From TJ Lavin's Coolness To A Brutal Final To Drunken Fights And Drama 'The Challenge All-Stars' Just Taught MTV How To Do A Real Season

The first season of 'The Challenge All-Stars' just ended. I caught up with it this morning and let me tell ya, it does not disappoint. I keep stressing it, but it's exactly what this show is supposed to be. We had TJ being way too cool than anyone not named Matthew McConaghy. Look at this guy. 

There's no other host in TV that would show up like this and on a horse. Just an unreal look by TJ. But back to the season. It followed what we love. We had drunken hookups, we had drunken fights, we had backstabbing and a political game. They even went the last 2 episodes as the Final. My only complaint is that the season was just 9 episodes long. Give me like 15 episodes. That's a perfect number for this. 

But here's some good news. There are people that want to join. 

SHOUT OUT JAMIE CHUNG. That would be massive. I talked to Mark on Twitter spaces back when this first started and he was saying the goal is to bring back people that you remember but haven't seen in a while. That's why we didn't see CT, Bananas, Wes, etc. We had Teck, Yes, Kendal, etc. Just the perfect cast for season 1. 

As for the Final, we got a little twist. It was just $500,000 to the winner. No male and female split, total points. They had to rotate partners for every challenge until the last day and then it was a 5 mile hike. For the sake of how the show was set up is was the perfect final. I really thought Darrell was going to run away with it. The dude is a monster. But Yes took it over. I couldn't believe it. He went with the method of taking clothes off to not overheat. Genius. That's a man who hikes a lot. 

More importantly though shout out our guy Big East for finishing a final. Dude did it. But we need more of this. MTV get your shit together and watch this. Hell, we still have people calling shit out via Twitter. 

Hell of a first season. Give us at least 5-10 more.