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2020's "The Dozen" Memorial Day Match Takes You Into Memorial Day Weekend!!!

What a year it's been for Jeff D. Lowe. Big Cat said it best; if anyone at Barstool took the pandemic and ran with it (for lack of a better way to put it) it was JDL. Dude created this trivia competition out of thin air and turned it into a MONSTER success. I want all of you to put yourself into his shoes for a moment. Imagine dealing with that big fat CRY BABY Brandon F. Walker on this show non-stop; couldn't be me. I'd rather get waterboarded by the Al Qaeda in the Korangal Valley for the rest of my life than have to put up with his shit constantly.

Just kidding. Brandon's the best, that fucking cock sucker. 

But anyways, when Jeff originally asked the Chicago guys to take part in this we immediately jumped at the opportunity not because we wanted to create content, but more because we are all (irrationally) confident in our athletic/cognitive/academic prowesses. The content that was derived from our showdowns with Brandon and PFT were a fortunate offshoot. People (and our bosses) grew to love it. 

But all we had to do was show up. Obviously that's not difficult, especially in a year when you're told to stay in your own apartment as much as possible. That said, the episode above was probably the launching point for the show's popularity because we filmed it live after a Coach Duggs game at 9pm on Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend when we were all snot slinging drunk.

*In steps the Crime Dog quote*

Whatever works! 

But Jeff? Jeff worked his NUTS off behind the scenes coming up with the most competitive questions and well produced show possible. To say that this show is a full time job for him is an understatement. Often times be working until the wee hours of the morning doing prep work, photoshop, editing, whatever and he deserves all the credit in the world for putting out the best content that came from this dog shit last year.

Can't wait for season 2. Team Chicago will be back, I don't care if I have to put the team on my back and carry the team to the goal line myself. That's what I would have done back on my HS football team and that's what I'll do in season 2 of The Dozen. That's not a promise, that's a FACT.