I'll Watch Frank The Tank Check His Watch As Jeff D Lowe Cries His Eyes Out At The Dozen Closing Ceremonies Every Day For The Next 5 Years

I know this was already blogged but even if it was blogged 100 times it wouldn't be enough times. What a catch by Blatman. What a moment. I love The Dozen. I LOVE Jeff D Lowe. He's become one of my favorite people in the company. Everyone, myself included, was very happy for him and appreciated the hard work he did. Frank...Frank might have had a Mets game starting or a train to catch to go see the Devils. Jeff was giving his speech and Frank hit him with the metaphorical Oscars music. Pat is smiling, Kayce looked like she was about to cry herself. Feits was laughing. Coley was there for Jeff. Not Frank. Wrap it up, Jeff. Frank has places to be. He doesn't need to hear you blubbering about PFT and Brandon or how drunk Chicago got this time last year. He's got places to be and he doesn't have time for crocodile tears. Not on his watch, literally. I've watched it probably four dozen times this morning and I laughed every time. There's only one Frank The Tank. I can't tell if he has no sense of the moment or has a keener sense of the moment than anyone who ever lived. God Bless The Tank

If you missed the championship before the real championship featuring Ziti+Portnoy, you can watch that here