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Frank The Tank's Watch Check In The Middle Of Jeff D. Lowe's Emotional Thank You Speech Was An All-Time Moment In Human History

Last night the first season of The Dozen wrapped up with The Honkers asserting their complete dominance over the field. As the trophy was being handed out the best commissioner with a pulse these days Jeff D. Lowe got emotional thanking everyone that had a hand in making The Dozen as great and special as it's become. This man has spent day in and day out for almost a year now putting his blood, sweat, and literal tears into this machine to make it a complete blast for everyone to watch at home. That's all well and good, but the Tank has places to be Jeff. This man has no time for speeches or any sort of tomfoolery. Let's get this show on the road, pal. 

I must have watched this 100 times by now and I'm not close to stopping. A true laugh out loud moment. That right there is quite possibly the greatest watch check in the history of watches. We'll have to get Elias on the horn, but that may very well be the first watch check in the last 15 years. Only thing better would have been if he whipped out a pocket watch in everyone's face. The Tank has no time for extra curricular activities. He's got places to be and people to see. We could be looking at a first pitch of the Mets game coming up, maybe a Nets tip off, a sleep shift, a soda review, or possibly the last train leaving Penn Station with a competent conductor at the helm. Rule number one in life, Frank's time is not ours to waste. 

Jeff, you may have created this fantastic game show that captivated the entire Barstool audience, but let's not forget who the real alpha is in these parts. 

If you missed the final showdown make sure the catch that right here.