I'm Already Too Stressed Over Which Hawaiian Shirt To Wear To The #Barstool500 Party Tonight

GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE! I wake up today knowing Barstool Sports is hosting the best party this beautiful country will have seen in well over a year tonight in Indiana. It is going to be the time of our lives with Diplo, MGK, the whole Barstool crew there, and most importantly OPEN BAR! 

If you want to join in the fun you can still get your ticket by following the instructions in that video above or just logging onto the Barstool Sportsbook app, going to the NBA exclusives tab, and betting at least $250 on one of the games tonight. That's literally it- the biggest win/win scenario in the history of win/win scenarios. Best case is you basically go to an open bar Diplo/MGK concert for free and worst case scenario is you pay $250 for a Diplo/MGK concert with an open bar. There are WAY WORSE things in the world. 

Now this leads to a massive crossroads in my life that I'm dealing with this morning...WHICH HAWAIIAN SHIRT DO I WEAR TO THE PARTY TONIGHT?!? There's so many options. I need some opinions. 

The first contender is the shirt I recently wore to the Floyd Sundae Conversation. It's a personal favorite of mine but due to the Sundae Convo it's been worn in 2 of my last 4 instagram posts. I very much plan to drop a gram on the people from the party so 3 out of the last 5 would be adventurous.

Next up we have what I like to call the Johnny Drama special. You can't sit here and tell me Drama has not worn this shirt in multiple Entourage episodes. The only problem with this one is that I already wore it out the last time I went out with Dave for a night out on the town. Not sure if the bossman appreciates a double dip.

I've recently been throwing this bad boy into my arsenal a lot. Huge fan of it but only concern there is the dark green won't translate well with the legit music that'll be at this party. I think dark green I think live music and bars…I don't think upbeat DJ sets.

This here is another problem with the green…not to mention the material is slightly heavier than most of my shirts which are 100% rayon. For the record that is the move in the hawaiian shirt game…100% rayon.

The final contender, and I think leader, is my personal favorite hawaiian. I have no idea why I love it but I simply just do. Perfect 100% rayon material. Classic blue. I can't top this. This is my decision at the moment I write this blog around 9:30am…can that change? OF COURSE. We'll see what the true decision is later tonight.

REMEMBER! If you want to join in on the #Barstool500 tonight just sign into your Barstool Sportsbook app and Bet $250 on an NBA game tonight in the exclusives tab. Bing, Bang, BOOM- there's your ticket. Win or friggen' lose. Open bar. We will see you there! Once again…Open Bar for the people in the back!