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Stephen A. Smith FINALLY Responded To Kwame Brown ... By Showing A Bunch Of Shitty Career Highlights And Making Fun Of Him For 2 Minutes Straight

This is where Stephen A shines. For all the dumb shit he says. For all the nonsensical takes, when he starts to cut a promo he's one of the best at it. Obviously Kwame Brown has been on a warpath and offered Stephen A a trip to Seattle for some hand to hand combat. 

Like I said in that original blog. Stephen A HAD to respond. You can't sit back silent and not respond to a grown ass man threatening you. Now, I'm also a logical man. You don't respond with fisticuffs. You respond with what you do best. Speaking. Words. Embarrassment. That's what Stephen A went with. 

Welp, that'll do it. A cliche response but this is exactly how Stephen A had to respond. Just quietly sit there, make a one-liner here and there while the video plays. I'm sure Kwame will call you out and around and around we go. But this is what Stephen A had to do. You're Stephen A you can't just sit silent. I hope every week Stephen A just releases a video of Kwame's bloopers from each team.