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The One Thing The Stanley Cup Playoffs Have Been Missing Over The Years Are More Live Performances By Creed

We've got Joe Thornton scoring goals and Creed playing during intermission. If you're someone who didn't believe in time travel before, please explain to me how the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs transported us back to 1998 like this. 

I can't believe we've gone this long without Creed absolutely shredding the shit out of a live performance in the playoffs. Imagine being the Zamboni driver out there clearing off the ice while you've got Scott Stapp crushing "My Sacrifice" in the background. I bet that's the cleanest the ice has looked at Bridgestone since it first opened. Big time players make big time plays in big time moments. That's what the playoffs are all about. And there's no bigger moment than being the Zamboni driver in the playoffs while Creed is providing the juice. 

It just blows my mind that Nashville wasn't able to force a game 7 after this. I mean this team clearly doesn't have a pulse if Scott Stapp wasn't able to take them higher to an overtime dub. And then to get dunked on by the Hurricanes social team afterwards?

This is going to be a real tough one for the Preds to come back from. But the Young Grow Old, and this Predators team is on their One Last Breath. So I get it. But that doesn't change the fact that it stings like a bitch that as soon as we got Creed back in our lives, they're just as quickly getting ripped away by a Canes overtime goal. Tough break. 

But if I'm Carolina, I'm getting on the horn with their manager ASAP and setting up a performance more like Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime show than what we got in Nashville last night. 

Automatic Cup run for whichever team comes even close to pulling this off in their barn between periods.