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Philly Fan Graciously Shares Popcorn With Villainous Opponent Russell Westbrook, National Media Erupts

Quick question for all you boys and girls out there. Have you guys ever gone to purchase popcorn at the Wells Fargo Center? They have to run a credit report to see if you can finance that bad boy if you're getting a large. Over here talking about payment plans for a bag of popcorn you could get from your local Acme for $3.99. 

So it just seems unfathomable to me that a fan would overpay that much for popcorn and then waste it by dumping it on Russell Westbrook as he's walking down the tunnel. Clearly there has to be two sides of the story here. Like maybe this dude had to quickly throw the popcorn to the side because a baby was falling and he needed his hands free to make the catch. Maybe this fan just saved a baby's life but the national media is going to twist that into Philly fans being a bunch of scumbags. Clearly he couldn't have just dumped that overpriced popcorn on Russ for no reason other than he plays for an opposing team...

Ahhh shit. Okay well yeah. On second thought. Maybe that fan was just a fucking loser and legitimately wasted money on popcorn on top of the money they spent on the tickets just to be a dick face and pour popcorn on Russ because he plays for the opposing team. Not the best look, if we're being totally honest. I sure as shit would have preferred if he didn't do that. 

And I also sure as shit would have preferred if security had just let Russell Westbrook go into the crowd to beat this fan's ass. Because here's the thing--99% of Philly fans don't want to claim this loser. Now we know that for the next 50 years, the national media will constantly bring up snowballs at Santa Claus and popcorn at Russell Westbrook. It's a stereotype we'd love to get away from but for some reason, there is always going to be that one shithead who ruins it for the rest of us. But the quickest way to make sure that no Philly fan ever steps out of line like this again is if he got his face used as a speed bag by Russell Westbrook. Until there's the legitimate threat of physical violence as a consequence, idiots like this are going to continue to exist. 

So from the bottom of my heart, I am pleading with security at any of the 3 Philly sports arenas to let opposing players go after the fan if something like this occurs again. It's the only way to end the stereotype once and for all.