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The Big Screamin’ Honkers Advance To The Dozen Championship

Last night, the Big Screamin’ Honkers took on Generation XYZ in the semifinals of The Dozen Trivia Tournament. Before the match, I heard that sandwiches were going to be the specialty category for Gen XYZ. I sent this message to our esteemed commissioner Jeff D Lowe hoping for Louisiana Po’ Boys and rightfully got trolled some.

The semi-final started out as a back and forth affair as expected. Despite their low seed, Generation XYZ has some serious talent on their roster. 

Our captain Coley came through huge on the sandwich category naming a Mexican Cemita to match Large.

As always, Robbie Fox got the UFC question on our specialty category. He has not missed one all season to my knowledge. Gen XYZ called in Jack Mac to counter us on UFC. This was the second time an opponent used him him in the tournament against us prompting my tweet.

I missed an obvious question about RB DeAngelo Williams from Memphis that I am still upset about. He ran for over 200 yards destroying my alma mater Ole Miss in 2004. Frankly, I am ashamed..

Luckily for me, the Honkers are a 2nd half team and pulled away in the 2nd half of the match to roll onto the finals! The match ended when Coley and I knew a question about the Colorado Rockies.

Huge shout to my teammates. We have such a well rounded squad with Robbie’s knowledge of fighting, movies, celebrities and pop culture and Coley’s well rounded skill set. I chime in on football, basketball and baseball and occasionally pull something random out. The Honkers have a ton of momentum and great fan support. You can buy our merchandise here.

We will be taking on The Misfits in the championship on Thursday night at 7pm EST on Barstool Sports YouTube. The Misfits have shocked the trivia world with an improbable run to the finals beating The Yak in an upset in the semis. Led by Reags, they are no joke but The Honkers will be ready to go!