Tony LaRussa Now Has His Own Lounge Area At Sox Park And Fans Are PISSED

Frankly I don't think I would have ever noticed this had this Tweet not gone "viral" amongst White Sox fans, and if I had noticed it at the park, I'd be like "well that's stupid" before forgetting about it 2 seconds later. But to replace Loretta's Lounge with LaRussa? Yeah that's a big no from me dawg. No, I had no idea who Loretta was prior to this tweet, but she definitely paid her dues with the club:

Didn't even know her lounge area existed to be frank. Nobody really uses those areas anyways. But none of that matters. What matters are these things:

1. TLR hasn't done shit for this organization. He hasn't so far this year, and he didn't back in the early 80s when he had his first go around with the club. Hopefully that changes.
2. Loretta got her nod, and rightfully so from what it sounds like, and she should have kept her little shrine
3. There is nothing good that can come from any TLR branding in the stadium right now anyways 

It's just a bad look. I don't know who's idea it was, but it was a bad one. A really, really bad one. All it's going to do is put TLR on the focal front of the team again when the players should drive 99.9% of the storyline. Instead, it's the other way around. Now I'd wager that this wasn't his idea and he had nothing to do with it, but goddamn Sox... use your heads for me.  I don't hate TLR as much as a lot of people, but come the fuck onnnnnn... The dude is public enemy #1 with the fanbase right now.

I'm sick and tired of talking about LaRussa. It's exhausting. Let's focus on Yoan and his .400+ OBP or Abreu heating up or Kopech making hitters look stupid or Rodon making a run at the Cy Young Award. That's what I want to do. Not talk about something stupid LaRussa said or did.

Scratch a few runs here please