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Phil Mickelson And Tom Brady Are BACK For Another Golf Match, This Time Against Bryson DeChambeau And Aaron Rodgers

Ooooooo baby we're back with another one! 

There's a lot to take in with this announcement. First, the absence of Tiger in all of this is depressing. Let's get that out of the way. These matches were supposed to be Phil-Tiger exhibitions as the main attraction and the partner element was supposed to be additive. It was a huge hit with Brady-Manning but at the end of the day this was always Tiger and Phil's baby.

Second, the plug in of Bryson Dechambeau is FASCINATING. He may not be the most liked guy in town but this is going to be a great opportunity to get him mic'd up and maybe get a closer look into what makes that guy tick. We're all craving a Bryson vs Koepka match right now, but this might be the next best thing because you just KNOW Phil is going to come locked and loaded with some digs at Bryson about Koepka and ants and lifting and nerdery and all of that good stuff.

Third, popping Aaron Rodgers into this whole thing is a great wrinkle too. He's been maybe the biggest headliner in a pretty wild offseason for the country's most popular sports league. There hasn't been a lot of direct quotes or public appearances (besides the Derby) by Rodgers and getting him out in the public eye for this kind of thing is rife with potential too. Who the hell even knows if he's going to be a Packer by the time this thing comes around?? There's a whole bevy of juicy storylines that can evolve between now and July 6th that we don't even know about. And for what it's worth, Rodgers isn't too bad a golfer in his own right... he plays the Pebble Beach Pro-Am most years and checks in at about a 4 handicap (as opposed to Brady's 8). 

Lastly, one thing these matches have done well so far is feature some awesome golf courses that we typically don't get to catch a glimpse of. The Reserve at Moonlight Basin is a Nicklaus design built in 2016 that features some incredible views of Montana scenery. This is a big swinging dick golf course, just like Shadow Creek and Medalist in the first 2 matches.

Tuesday July 6th, 5 PM ET. PRIMETIME. Mark your calendars. Can't wait.

UPDATE: The shit-talking has already begun.