Being A Food Network Insider Is Officially My Calling In Life

So yesterday may have been the most successful day in my career of being a 100% serious-at-all-times journalist. I tweeted out that America’s Culinary Father, Guy Fieri, signed a 3 yr/$80m contract extension with the Food Network and the tweet WENT OFF for over 10 million impressions and 120k engagements. I cried happy tears not because the tweet did so well and was trending all throughout the day, but because the context of the tweet.

If I had randomly seen on the news that say Daniel Day-Lewis was coming out of retirement to star in a new movie and that went viral would I have cared as much? Absolutely NOT. But what I do care about now is breaking Guy Fieri news like I’m Adam motherfucking Chefter (S/O Coley for the nickname). To be trending all day over news like that was nothing short of a distinct honor. A day I'll always remember.

Some people’s calling in life may be pitching if you’re Sandy Koufax, Negotiating construction contracts if you’re Tony Soprano, or running television if you’re Oprah. But me? This guy…the author of this blog? His calling is being a Food Network Insider now. Will be on the lookout for Flay or Guarnaschelli’s next contract the second they’re signed.