The Ocean Is a Scary, Scary Place


I was scrolling through my tiktok last night when I saw this video and couldn't believe me eyes. I know I've established myself as the nerdy gamer guy here, but I'm absolutely fascinated by the Ocean. On top of that, I love fishing and I love cruises (are these still a thing post covid? Who knows).

The creature seen in the water is a Basking Shark and they typically grow to 26 ft. This one appears to be 30 ft+ though. Science claims this shark is "harmless to humans" because it's a filter feeder, but I would never want to be caught in the sea near this thing. Godzilla was based off this monster!

Just look at the size difference of the humans on board compared to the shark. Shivers. Here's the full video:

This video immediately reminded me of this Mom going down a slide when outa nowhere a shark appears under her.

In these scenarios, I wouldn't be able to remain calm. Maybe I wouldn't clearly show my fear, but I would be absolutely panicking on the inside. As fascinating as the ocean is, it's also a terrifying place when you think about what could possibly be at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I haven't stopped thinking about this picture since I first saw it:

This alike-like creature is known as a Magnapinna Squid. Could you imagine hitting the beach with your friends and seeing this!?!? I wouldn't make it out of the water alive.

At the start of this blog, I mentioned that I love the ocean and I always will. In 2019, I got the chance to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.


I'm not sure if it was from the exhaustion after the 21+ hour flight or I was just so excited to explore one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, but I was never afraid to snorkel when I was there. To give some perspective for those that haven't been our to the GBR, it takes about 1.5 hrs at full speed to reach part of the reef. You are truly out in the middle of nowhere when all the sudden this marine ecosystem seemingly appears.

When we pulled up to the first spot, there was a reef shark present that the guides typically see. They called it out, I rushed over to the edge to spot the shark and immediately jumped into the water. Again, when you're down under, life is just different because US MRags would've been scared shitless. Aussie MRags is truly built different and this shows how.

 Since last year, I've hung a poster of Australia in my stream background from this trip. 10/10 would recommend Australia to everyone, but the spiders are disturbingly big. Thank god spiders are my biggest fear…

If you ever wanna hear more about my Australia trip in 2019, feel free to tweet me or ask about it on my Twitch channel!