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It's Simply Bad Luck When Your Ho-Hum $113 MILLION Worth Of Cocaine Tied To Life Jackets Gets Washed Up On A British Beach

[Source] - Walkers strolling on a beach near Hastings stumbled across some large packages - which turned out to be concealing a tonne of cocaine.

The packages, all in waterproof bags and attached to life jackets to make them float, had a combined weight of around 960kg, which if cut and sold on the streets in the UK would have had an estimated street value of £80m.

Talk about your all-time bad luck for these coke guys and gals. You're trying to make a drop and do the smart thing tying it to lifejackets so the people can find it. Money is even involved. Then these 'walkers' which some may call overachievers find it and turn it in. This isn't just a baggie of coke or anything. We're talking $113 MILLION. That's so much money. That's a Kemba Walker contract and then a few extra million. Just think about that. If you wanted to overpay for a guard that won't win you an NBA title, this is your score. 

I think it's a little ballsy to be one of those walkers and turn it in. You never know who is looking at you. Maybe I've just watched too many shitty movies and shows to know that always ends up bad for the people that stumble across cocaine. 

If that was me, I'd just walk along like it was nothing. Just keep walking and minding my own business, which is really something I tend to live by. Let me take all risk out of my life by not messing around with cocaine. Plus then you gotta talk to the cops and explain you were simply walking by and really had nothing to do with it. Can't afford a mix up there and say something by accident. 

Then again feel like there might be a better way to guarantee that much coke gets to its proper destination? I'm just spitballing here but maybe an old fashioned meet up. Maybe a boat handoff. Really anything besides tying it to life jackets and hoping the right person finds it. Again, risk management is the name of the game in life.