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60 Years Ago Today JFK Asked Congress To Send America To The Moon And We Did It, Then Haven't Done Shit Since

60 years ago we barely even had air conditioning and JFK said "how about you guys in Congress give me billions of dollars to put our astronauts(which we also didn't really have at the moment) can walk around on the surface of the Moon". They asked why and he basically said because it would be cool and fuck the Soviets. So we just did it. Snap of the fingers and 8 years later Neil Armstrong was taking one giant leap for mankind. 

Fast forward 60 years and we haven't done shit in Space of note since. It's like Mankind pulled a muscle after that one giant leap and our space adventures have been on the IR ever since. Still haven't been to Mars. Don't have any space colonies. I personally haven't dunked a basketball in Space which is something I've wanted to do since literally the movie Space Jam and that feels like a failure on our part. All the billionaire class and other countries are trying to do cool stuff in space, which is great, but it sucks that America/NASA doesn't seem to be the biggest swinging dick in the room anymore. That title belongs to the UFOs that are in our backyard everyday. It just goes to show that nothing motivates people better than hate. The Russians were eating our lunch in outer space before JFK said that is enough of that. Commies beating us was unthinkable. We basically landed on the Moon for spite. That's incredible. A unifying force of hatred for a far off ideology. We need that in our lives again. We need someone to hate so we can all stop hating each other. Maybe that'll be the aliens. We all rallied to smoke the aliens in Independence Day. We could do it again. We just need an enemy and a guy who can deliver speeches like this