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Is This The Face Of A Man Who Alpha'd Someone While Wearing A Bagel Bites Shirt

Yes, that shirt says Bagel Bites. Name something more fitting for a gamer at a Call of Duty tournament.

Now, I was hired to Hold the Line and bring esports and gaming into the limelight here at Barstool Sports. But there are a few times where I even watch something and immediately go, "Oh shit that's cringey" and this was absolutely one of those times.

Watch the video below for reference: 

Is this cringey or nah? I made the comparison of Russell Westbrook flexing on his opponents right after dunking on them. Now that is intimidating. Bagel Bites boy? Yeah, not that intimidating, but I bet he's a beast at Call of Duty. He even lives up to the name with I absolutely love.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Thing 2 knocking off a monitor on his way to chirp opponents that he just beat.

Ultimately, nature is healing and LAN events are returning the way we expected, with full on toxicity. I am very excited for the CDL (Call of Duty Professional league) to return to LAN with spectators present. When the time comes, the energy in this arena will be unmatched.