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Trae Young Even Has Bill de Blasio Crying Like a Little Bitch

The Hawks and Knicks have played all of one game of a best-of-seven series and Trae Young has made the entirety of New York City cry, even all the way to the top.

Bill de Blasio — a guy with some real problems to deal with in New York City, by the way — took time to make an "official announcement" about how Young doesn't play basketball the right way because he hunts for fouls. This is hardly the least embarrassing thing de Blasio has done even in the last week, but what in the actual fuck is this guy talking about?

First of all, Young shot nine free throws in Game 1. The Knicks' Alec Burks shot eight. Does Burks need an official reprimand from the mayor for playing basketball the wrong way? Or maybe it's just that ninth one that's the kicker, I guess.

Additionally, if you're able to get to the rim and draw contact to get to the free throw line, that means you're doing your job. If you don't want a player to shoot free throws, don't foul. What a stupid argument. De Blasio should be thanking Young for only attempting three 3-pointers or who knows how many points he would have ended up with.

The worst part of this video is how proud de Blasio is when he says, "That Hawk's not gonna fly in New York City." Look at that dumbass smirk on his face. He really thought he knocked that one out of the park.

I was excited that the Hawks were going to play the Knicks, but even I couldn't have imagined it would be this fun. Trae really walked into Madison Square Garden and brought the largest city in America to its knees after one game. Simply incredible.

I can't even imagine the shambles these people are going to be in after the Hawks win this series in five at MSG. It will be a sight to behold.