Contrary To Popular Belief I Want Everyone To Know I Really AM NOT A Strip Club Guy

Despite what the haters are saying, I truly AM NOT a strip club guy. As I said in that video have I been to a few strip clubs in my day? Of course! Does that mean I am a strip club guy? Absolutely not! It's very rare in my life that I am ever the one in the crew that's fueling the idea of the strip club in the midst of a great night out. Like obviously I'll head over if there's what's the group wants...I just want it known I'm never the catalyst.

How could a guy that's never the catalyst actually BE a strip club guy? He can't be! Now I obviously was the catalyst back in my early 'Gentleman's Club' days at UAlbany when I would hit my first ever strip club aptly named Nite Moves. During my time at Albany I eventually moved up the ranks to Montreal Strip Clubs like Chez Paree & Club Downtown (DEFINITELY Team Club Downtown) and eventually I took my talents to places in NYC with Asa Akira. That's when the love of the game died for me. 

NYC Strip Clubs fucking SUCK. They're a place where you actually have to look cool & be able to throw wad's with the utmost confidence which is simply something I'm not able to do due to the fact that I'm not in Bill Gates' tax bracket. And for those reasons I haven't really been to many strip clubs within the last few years- Of course there's some exceptions I mention in the video like if the wonderful Eva Lovia invites you out to one of her shows. OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna go (and possibly get whipped on stage).

Outside of that it's not like I go out on the weekends hunting for a strip club. For example this weekend I'll be in the strip club capital of the world, Tampa, and have NO PLANS to hit a strip club while I'm there. Not something a strip club guy would do.