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Golf Needs To Give Us A Brooks/Bryson Pairing At The Ryder Cup More Than Anything Else

I'm not going to lie to you fine people. I've watched this video 100 times, I haven't stopped thinking about it. It's good for golf. It's great for golf. I know, I know. I don't typically blog golf and I don't podcast about golf, but I watch every single week. I have my list of favorite golfers, guys I cheer against, etc. There's very few events in all of sports I love more than the Ryder Cup. Shout out Francesco Molinari for ruining my cousin's wedding weekend and then saving my Dozen life. 

At first I wish we could trade Bryson to Europe for Viktor Hovland. Mostly because I think Hovland is going to murder us for years in the Ryder Cup and more than anything else I'd want to see a Sunday match play between Brooks/Bryson with the Ryder Cup like 11.5-10.5 or something like that. But we legally can't trade Bryson to Europe and even though Hovland went to Oklahoma State we can't legally trade for him. Still wish we could mix in some trades in golf, but I digress. 

I know people have thrown out wanting to see Brooks and Bryson paired up together for a major. Sure, count me in on that. But the Ryder Cup, which is just 4ish months away? That's where I want to see them paired up. Both wearing the red, white and blue and having to play TOGETHER. Bryson can win people over as the heel like Patrick Reed has done when he plays in the Ryder Cup. Brooks and Bryson can be out there looking like this: 

Back to the Ryder Cup though. There's no doubt both Bryson and Brooks are going to make the team for Wisconsin. Look at the standings: 

Both in the top-4, would take a disaster or injury for them not to be there. I need - no, the golf world needs - more than anything Brooks and Bryson playing together. I don't even care if it's fourball or foursomes. Just give me the two of them out there together mic'd up. The Ryder Cup is always more loose than other events so we should get it all unedited.