BREAKING NEWS: Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff Admits He NEVER Watched The Tom Emanski Videos He Endorsed

I'm gonna be frank; I feel lied to, cheated on and hoodwinked right now and if you're a young male in your 30s that played baseball growing up, you should too. The Tom Emanski videos were THE baseball tutorial videos of our time, and a major reason we all wanted to try them so badly was because Fred McGriff told us to with that stern finger point right at our pupils 100x a day. That and we wanted to throw baseballs into garbage cans from the outfield, but that's beside the point. 

I couldn't have blogged this faster when I woke up to it this morning. I haven't even shit, showered or shaved yet. Immediately whipped up the blogging machine because this news is that big. Just monumental. It's like waking up to find out Bin Laden got whacked or something it's so big. BUT - and this is a big but - If you're a little punk bitch millennial who thinks success on the diamond should be handed to him and that you don't need A+ coaching via grainy VHS tapes, you might not know what I'm talking about. I'm here to help with that:

The commercials for these videos DOMINATED the airwaves when we were growing up. Dominated. They were an internet meme before there was internet memes.

It was basically this commercial and Girls Gone Wild commercials after midnight on ESPN. Everyone knows you can sneak into your parent's bedroom, steal 5, 10, maybe $20 from your momma's purse and get those videos sent to you. And yes I'm talking about both the Tom Emanski videos and GGW. Baseball and girls showing their tits on spring break, that's what pre-internet kids did. Goddamnit I miss those days. But to now find out the Emanski video was a sham and that Crime Dog didn't actually endorse its content? I feel like I'm gonna puke. Like I said, lied to, cheat on and hoodwinked. 

Maybe if McGriff watched the videos he'd have 500+ home runs right now and be in the Hall:

I'd say it's nobody's fault but his own at this point.