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The Angels Minor League Announcer Can't Believe That Jo Adell Is Still In The Minors After Hitting His 6th Home Run In 5 Days

You think this Salt Lake Bee's announcer is tired of watching Jo Adell rake against minor league pitching? He's asking the question we are all wondering, why is Jo Adell still a Salt Lake Bee? Why is he not up with the big league squad? He didn't start out the season on fire, but wasn't bad by any means.  Die hard baseball fans know the name Jo Adell. Former top prospect for the Angels and a highly thought of guy as of a few years ago. Made his much anticipated MLB debut in 2020 but didn't perform like we thought he would. 3 home runs, 7 RBIS, 55 Ks, 7 walks, slashed .161/.212/.266 in 38 games and finished with a WAR of -1.5. Not good at all. So it was no surprise he wasn't going to make the big league club out of Spring Training.

Like the announcer said, he's hit 10 homers this season in 74 at-bats, with 6 of them coming in the last 5 games. He's been on a tear. He's still striking out a ton and walking none. His bomb last night was a legit no-doubter, out of the stadium, the whole 9. It's such a great call by the announcer, legit has no idea why he is still in the minors. A laugh out loud thing for him to say live on air, but he's not wrong! 10 homers in 17 games? If only the Angels had a need at outfielder, like if their best player was out for 6-8 weeks and they needed to call someone up. The Angels aren't going anywhere, why not bring up the kid who's going yaya every night? Just call him up already, lets see him mash with Ohtani.