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Wake Up With The Original Megaman Speedrun Record On NES (FULL SPEEDRUN)

Megaman is one of those video game characters that could just as easily be forgotten as he was a late round selection in this week's snake draft. His brightest days were in the 80's on NES and Gateway but over the years his influence and relevance declined with each new release. Basically the same gameplay just moderately different levels and soundtracks. It's the simple recipe that's been applied to Madden, FIFA, NHL and basically any other game with changing rosters. Megaman was the first to do that so tip your cap. 

It was also cool because you could get the other guy's powers long before that became a mainstay feature in the epic RPG boom. That's big time shit when you think about the history of video games. Truly a pioneer ahead of his time. 

My only complaint is the character development. The origin story is virtually nonexistent. All I know is he lost an arm and now has a plasma canon with unlimited ammunition. He's not out to save the world or help a friend. He literally just wants to destroy robot bad guys and then steal their powers to kill more robot bad guys. That's almost as bad ass as popping a world record during a routine training session. You don't see that coming every time you sit down for a trail speedrun so shoutout to COOLKID. Guy always shows up during the Megaman speed run. 

Video game character week continues after a big snake draft Monday with Barstool new guy MRAGS. As always I'll point you guys in the direction of our YouTube page and ask for a subscription. A little click goes a long way in 2021.