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Goalie Stick Saves (But The Really Awesome Ones) Are My Favorite Types Of Saves


This is my favorite type of save. They are just so fucking cool. I sound like a 4 year old talking about it because I get giddy every time you get the perfect stick save that takes away a wide open net. When the goalie has to perfectly throw his stick out and say a little prayer he gets it in the right place and he nails it, there's nothing better 



And then of course, the behind the net angle which always gives me the chills



Just an absolutely beautiful save by Carey Price there. 

Also just a side note, but I just looked it up and I'm stunned Price is still only 33 years old. I nailed my guess of how many seasons he's played (14!!!) but he's still just a young boy at 33. Been doing everything in his power to help the Canadiens do literally anything for 14 damn years. Would love to see him lift a Cup before his time is over.


PS: Shades of my favorite save of all time. Love you Holtby.


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