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Army Leadership Isn’t Thrilled That Someone Went Full-Send Rambo Style With Double Cheeked-Up Machine Guns on the Range

I saw this floating around the interwebs about two weeks ago and figured it was just a matter of time before someone who gave a damn gave a damn about this video.

If there’s one thing all levels military leadership cares about, it’s safety. Safety, as they say, is paramount. Now, occasionally you’ll get Ricky Rambo type shit but that doesn’t happen all the time and I’d imagine this dude was an NCO (he’s out of the Army now according to my red bearded friend) who is probably pretty skilled with weapons. An excuse? Nah. That shit is dangerous and the dude standing right on the firing line is an absolute lunatic and he better pray he wasn’t the Range Safety officer because a 3-star general is about to put his dick in the pudding.

Me too, Sir!

Another 3 star!

MY TAX DOLLARS! shut up, nerd.


He’s right. We do dumb shit all the time.

Another nerd!

In summary,