John Lennon & Billy Joel Were Neighbors Back In The Day But Never Once Spoke Because They Didn't Want To Bother Each Other

I mean what an unbelievable story here from the Father of Long Island, William Joel. The simple thought of 2 literal rock gods just living down the street from each other and just refusing to introduce themselves to each other is simply amazing. That's like picturing Babe Ruth & Stan Musial (I don't know why these are the 2 names I came up with) at a random party while both knowing they're the only 2 legendary baseball players there and just not even thinking about going up to each other to discuss baseball.

That's apparently what, quite literally, happened on the North Shore of Long Island back in the day! Not to mention who knew John Lennon was ever a Long Islander?!? I sure as hell did not and I pride myself on that type of thing but that's a pretty cool fact to find out on a boring ole Monday. And as if living on Long Island wasn't cool enough for John Lennon he got the honor of living near Billy Joel. Absolutely amazing. 

I'm just kind've sad the meeting between them never happened because who knows what it could've resulted in...Imagine a Joel/John Lennon mashup? Not that's surely something I could be interested in.