Battle of the Bench Mob: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams LII, Live at 2 PM ET

There is only one word to describe today's Stool Streams Cornhole broadcast: thrilling. Six competitors step inside the Triple S with bragging rights on the line, but more importantly, YOU have the chance to win $500 before the holiday weekend. In this blog, we are going to prep you for the picks you can make on the Play Barstool app and give you the best shot to win some cash. Away we go...

Remember to make your picks to get in on the Progressive Jackpot sweepstakes. $500 is yours if you can successfully go 6-for-6 on the Play Barstool app.

Match 1 - Big Cat vs. Frank The Tank

History: Big Cat 1-0, Frank 0-1

Storylines:  Our first match today is going to be nothing short of electric. Frank The Tank is STILL looking for his first overall win inside Stool Streams Stadium, while Big Cat aims to keep that losing streak going. There is going to be tons of chatter between the two competitors in this match, and Frank will probably say he lost if he is down early in the first set. Can the father of two earn his first career win as a #GirlDad?

Quotes to Remember: "You know I don't do the interviews." - Big Cat

"He'll beat me, because I never win in that room." - Frank

Question 1 - Series Winner

Question 2 - Total Cornholes (Game 1)

Match 2 - Jeff D. Lowe vs. Spider

History: Jeff D. 2-1, Spider making debut

Storylines: Our middle match today is going to be great. Robbie Fox is a late substitution for Spider, but Robbie does have some experience on the Cornhole board. You'll have to go back to September 17th, 2020, when he had a great match with Hubbs. On the flip side, Jeff D. Lowe looks to rebound off his tough loss to Big Tennessee a few weeks ago.

Quotes to Remember: "I don't think Robbie has ever thrown a Cornhole bag in his life." - Jeff D. Lowe

"Maybe Jeff is riding high off The Dozen, but he forgets I'm a fucking ruthless Cornhole competitor." - Robbie Fox

Question 3 - Series Winner

Question 4 - Margin of Victory (Game 2)

Match 3 - Marty Mush vs. Rico Bosco

History: Marty making debut, Rico 3-2

Storylines: The main event today is going to be AWESOME. It's the battle of the Bench Mob, as Marty Mush meets Rico Bosco. Rico is in the midst of a two-game winning streak, while Marty makes his debut with Cornhole inside the Triple S. Which college hoops podcaster will pull it out?

Quotes to Remember: "My goal is to embarrass him." - Marty

"People are fools if they don’t pick me." - Rico 

Question 5 - Series Winner

Question 6 - Total Cornholes (Entire Match)

First pitch is at 2 PM ET. Remember to make your picks and we will see you then. If you need to burn some time before we hit the air, here are some other matches from previous broadcasts.