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Trae Young Is Officially Public Enemy Number 1 And We Have No Choice But To Hate Him Now

That's it. I talked about it in the earlier blog about how Knicks fans can hate the Hawks and we saw it right here. The shitty 'foul calls', the game he had and ending it by shushing the crowd. Bro doesn't even know how to shush, what is that finger doing man? He's got that finger up by his eyes. It's been 8 years and this is what we get. A fucking blown lead with a minute to go when RJ dropped a steal, Bogdanovic hits a three to tie it. Then Trae Young. Just a kick in the dick and we have nothing to do now but hate Trae Young. The foul calls in the fourth quarter? Last time I checked this was the playoffs and you only call real fouls, not that bullshit. 

Honestly, what the fuck is Frankie doing here? I know it was literally the first time he was on the floor tonight, but you had help the other way. Did he just forget the assignment? He let Trae get into the paint. But this isn't about that. This is getting ready for game 2. Julius Randle got his shitty game out. It's about a new hatred and that man's name is Trae Young. I need this even louder in game 2.