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Whoever Said that Scuderia Ferrari is Back is an Idiot, Charles Leclerc Loses Pole in Monaco and Won't Start the Race

DEVASTING NEWS if you were one of the people who were ready to declare that Scuderia Ferrari was back after Charles Leclerc put his car on pole position for today's Monaco Grand Prix. This is the most important pole position on the entire F1 calendar and this was also Leclerc's home race. There were concerns that this might happen, but the team was confident yesterday and this morning that he was going to be able to start the race. But it ended up not even being the gearbox that was the issue, it was a drive shaft that was broken. Here was the crash from yesterday that ended qualifying and put him on pole. 

Now the race is starting with no car on pole position and no Leclerc who is officially out of the race for what is now his fifth straight DNF in Monaco. I am truly speechless and heartbroken for Leclerc. F1 drama never ends and luckily for everyone who loves the Netflix show "Drive to Survive" because they are embedded this weekend with Ferrari. This episode next year is going to be a movie.

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I can't imagine what it would feel like if you were someone who bet Leclerc early in the week and had fantastic odds for him to win. That person would be down real bad right now.