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Fernando Tatis Jr. Celebrated His 50th Career Homer With A Hell Of A Bat Toss As Well As A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Around The Bases

Career bomb #50 for Fernando Tatis Jr last night and it was about as electric as his first 49. You know he's feeling it when he's driving the ball out to right. Love that he gave it a little watch too, he knew it was gone and just wanted to look. And I want it on record that I am so in on the hop, skip, and a jump move he does when he gets to third. I felt that. Not sure what it means or why he does it but it's great. 171 games for his 50th bomb which isn't shabby at all. All by the age of 22 years old too, we've got a lot of Tatis Jr baseball left to watch and we're only looking at the tip of the iceberg. I talked about it in the blog about his return this week, the second he steps on the field he's the most electric player out there, tonight was no difference. Of course his 50th was a 3-run shot too, couldn't do it on a quiet little solo shot. Would have been more fitting if it was a grand slam but what can ya do, #100 will probably be a granny. That one should come sometime early in 2022, check back then.

And the bat toss, you knew he was going to do something after he admired it the way he did. Just a casual end over end flip to get the crowd into it. Not disrespectful, not showboating, just a flick of the wrist and the lumber goes flying. I have a feeling we will see some more eccentric bat flips as the career home run numbers grow. Top 3 coolest players in baseball, everything he does is awesome. Except the errors, just stick to the home runs and bat tosses. I'm very much looking forward to his next 650 bombs.