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Renaissance Man A-Rod Expands His Portfolio By Launching Makeup For Men

Some of you may look at Alex Rodriguez launching his own makeup for men and question his current head space. A man who once was on top of the baseball world. A man who dominated every room he walked in with his charisma and stature. Now he's looking for his next move after his recent tragic break up with Jennifer Lopez. 

But you know what? A-Rod is a man of many surprises. He is unpredictable in his actions. A man impervious to expectancy and becoming calculable. That's why he's taken his talents to men's makeup. You have to look out for you these days and no one else. Self-care is of the utmost importance. A-Rod knows this and is here for us because he's that kind of guy. This man is simply diversifying his portfolio and becoming the best version of himself at the same time. Should be Hall of Famer, elite businessman, entrepreneur, podcaster, leader, father, role model, make up inventor. A true renaissance man in the flesh. 

If JLo doesn't come crawling back begging for forgiveness after this move then I don't know what to think. Checkmate.  

P.S. If A-Rod wants to sponsor The Short Porch with "The Blur Stick" we'll be happy to begin negotiations as soon as he's ready.