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If You Don't Want Your Position Player Pitching to Get Taken Deep, Then Have Him Throw 90 MPH on the Black Like Alex Blandino

The talk of baseball this week has been what the proper etiquette is for hitters when they're facing position players on the mound throwing 50 MPH meatballs on 3-0 counts. Wherever you stand on that issue — which is to say whether you have common sense or are an old loser — there's a pretty easy way to not have that happen: bring in a guy like Alex Blandino who's just going to put it on the black at 90 MPH.

Blandino came in during the Giants' 19-4 drubbing of the Reds on Thursday and threw 1.1 innings of scoreless baseball, maintaining his 0.00 ERA in three appearances this season. So if you're going to bring in a position player and don't want guys hitting cock shots on 3-0 counts, bring in a guy who can actually competently throw the ball over the plate.

But if you're punting on the game by bringing in a guy throwing batting practice and then get upset when an opposing big league hitter goes yard, you're a dumbass. And if you're the manager of the guy who hit the home run and *you* get upset about it, you're the biggest clown in baseball. Not pointing any fingers, though.