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There Is Nothing Better Than Sniping In Warzone - Welcome To The MRags Tape

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Sniping in Warzone makes the game so much more fun. Every kill is so much more rewarding and you're always one headshot away from being back in the fight.

My account is still hacked, so RIP to that but that ain't gona stop us from sniping in Warzone!

If you've seen any of my Twitter/Instagram videos lately, you know I've been putting on an absolute show with the Iron Sights Kar98k. Here's some proof:

Sniping in Call of Duty has always been fun since the Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2 days. MW2 was the peak of sniping in multiplayer in my opinion.

If you want to increase your sniper skills, checkout my training camp YouTube video here!

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