Lebron James Saw 3 Baskets and Chose To Shoot At The Middle One. Just An Absolute Warrior

This guy Lebron James has it so easy to be likeable but then he opens his mouth. This is a real quote, " I was seeing 3 rims when I shot that so I shot at the middle one." Uhm you fucking think dude thats the basket, even if I believed you why would you shoot at the left one. 

The problem with Lebron is that he has a Rico Bosco type hype group around him at all times so when he says this shit you have one guy hitting his chest calling him a legend, one guy is about to hump his leg. He needs someone being like dude you know you just pretty much said you shot the ball at the basket you dumb shmohawk. I think if he invited an insult guy to his crew he would be more enjoyable. Like its pretty hard to be arguably the best player ever to live and people still get fed up with you. I also still want to create a podcast 5 days a week talking about if Lebron or MJ is the goat. Seems like thats an untapped market. All in all you have to admit hes a damn warrior for staying in the game and squinting for a long period of time. It's hard to keep that up.