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Chris Davis Is Officially Out For The Season After Hip Surgery And I Think We've Seen The Last Of Him As An Oriole. Smell Ya Later!

If you drafted Chris Davis on your 2021 fantasy baseball team, I hope you're sitting down. Bad news headed your way. Orioles GM and VP Mike Elias told us today that Chris Davis is done for the year after having surgery to repair a left hip labrum injury. 4-5 month to return from and we're already at the end of May, shut er down boys. He went on the IL with a back strain after his first Spring Training game and has been rehabbing away from the facility in Texas. I don't have to give you the whole story on Davis and how he's the worst contract the Orioles have ever given out, how he has lied through his teeth multiple times about how he's changing his approach, his swing, his work ethic. How he has been called out by the Orioles Hall Of Fame broadcaster about his work habits, lying about working with hitting coaches, and that year after year he put up historically bad numbers, like the worst of all time. I won't do all that, there isn't enough time in the day to talk about Chris Davis and his tenure as an Oriole. 

I do think we've seen the last of him in orange and black though. His monster contract is up after next season but as you know there are still deferrals, $42M deferred from 2023-2037. Must be nice. Next year is it for him and lets be real, a 35 year old who hasn't produced since 2016 isn't very likely to work his way back from a hip surgery. I'm sure it's not easy to rehab and come back from an injury like that. And most importantly, is there room on the team for him? The Orioles have a first baseman, his name is Trey Mancini. They also have a ton of DH guys too. You aren't sitting a guy who will be part of your future for Chris Davis just because of his paycheck. I think he's done. I think we see him come to Spring Training, they parade him around and he hangs em up. I'd be shocked if we saw him in an Orioles uniform in a game again. It was a mistake to sign him, they could have ate the money a long time ago but chose not to and this is what they get for not doing it. Davis has been a ghost the last 2 seasons and who can blame him? He's getting bank to be "injured".

This isn't an injury you just bounce back from, not at 35. And honestly, I don't think he really cares. Again, he's been rehabbing away from the facility, hasn't said a thing publicly, I think he's checked out and ready to move on. Good for him because we've all been ready for that for a while. He's not part of the plans and hasn't been for a long, long time. Him getting this kind of surgery at the stage of his career and with a year left on his deal tells me he's waving the white flag. All he's been since he signed has been a distraction, now it seems like that distraction is over with and we can finally move on from the worst contract we've ever seen. Smell ya later Chris, don't let the door hit you.