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Tonight I Get To Find Out What All The Minihane Hype Is About

Kirk is quite the polarizing figure. This I know for certain. Not just back in Boston, but within the Barstool office. 

After knocking out Team Nightmare, I walked down the hall past a recording studio where my Barstool Chicago BROTHERS were finishing recording when White Sox Dave stopped me to ask if we'd won. 

"In a laugher," I responded.

The air was immediately let out of the room and the look on all their faces was one of deflation. They were going fishing, The Misfits were not.

"You're gonna get destroyed by Minihane," one of them shouted from inside the doorway as I began walking away. 

When I got over by the desks there was a procession of people walking up to Reags and I telling us they'd name their first children after us if we knocked off the evil Minifans. 

What was it about these guys?

The people who weren't trying to pump us up were instead telling us what a buzzsaw we were about to run into. We went to Bar Radio in Chelsea for some post-game drinks and all I heard from those in attendance was what a bloodbath we were in for. How Kirk doesn't miss on anything golf. It's an automatic 3 points. They clean up on steals. Zero room for error basically. We didn't stand a chance.


When we taped the post-game I stated I was looking forward to seeing what all the hype was about.

But after having a few hours to think it over I was regretting my words.

Last thing it seems I needed to give these guys was bulletin board material. How un-Belichickian of me.

Tune In Tonight- 7 PM Eastern 

p.s.- (Big sidebar) my Uncle is a flip phone guy. No computer, email, anything. Listens to WEEI, reads The Herald. Those are his only sources of information unless I call him (can't text) and update him on something breaking. Up until today, his only understandings of what Barstool is is what he read the last 8 months about the amazing work Dave and The Barstool Fund did cleaning up the government's mess, all the hate Dave gets from the outrage police and linking them with "the nice guy he met with that cute blonde girl (Jenna Marbles) back when he dropped me off at The Paradise for the concert I was doing". Can't fathom its the same person. But now today, he calls me in disbelief that I'm taking on Kirk Minihane in trivia. I guess one of his buddies at Mel's Cafe in Wayland follows "The Dozen" and told him the news and my uncle is beside himself. He LOVES Kirk. I tried to explain to him what's going on and how it came about but it's like I'm speaking another language. Poor guy. Told him I will "record it on video and show it to him when I come home in a couple weeks."