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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before: Rico Bosco Throws A Tantrum Harder Than Aroldis Chapman

This isn’t a blog I want to write but I was tagged by a barstool account so I’m contractually obligated to put this on the blog.

It should be a happy time at barstool. The Indiana version of the Barstool Sports Book just launched. Dan and Dave are working their backbones to dust carrying the sports conversation and gambling content but regrettably have to take time out of their BUSY days to ensure that things are going smoothly and there’s no conflict between employees. Leadership often is like carrying a backpack full of lead- the same kind of lead that ripped through my body from an 7.62 caliber shot from the muzzle of an Mikhail Kalashnikov model 47. (AK-47)

I harbor no ill-will towards Rico because I learned team work and problem solving as a child and those values were fortified over the course of nearly a decade in service to this wonderful country. I know that some of us weren’t so lucky and they end up viewing adversity through just the pop filter on a microphone they use for merely a portion of their own show before storming out but we’ll give them as much time as they need to grow. That’s leadership.

Thank you, Dave and Dan. Thank you for allowing the employees here to grow, mature, and blossom no matter how long or painstakingly that path may be.