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Are You In A Good Mood? Well Guess What, Science Says That's Bad For You

Being in a good mood typically makes people feel like they are on cloud nine, but studies suggests the boost can cloud their judgement. 

The upbeat sensation can cause people to accept first impressions of others or events, without challenging, which could set them up for failure later down the road.

Negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world,' Forgas wrote in the 2009 study.

Not being able to tell a truth from lie or taking things at face value may not sound so bad if that means feeling great, but that lively feeling can also clout your morals.

This article has had my mind in a pretzel since I saw it. A mental chinese-finger trap of which I can't get out. I saw the article and laughed. Initially at the ridiculousness of that headline that being happy is actually bad. But then also I laughed at all the people who just walk around happy like big dumb idiots. What the fuck are happy people so happy about? Do they not know that they're going to die some day? Do they actually feel things like joy? What a bunch of idiots. All these happy people walking around trusting people and believing things will work out. Why? Just because? Morons. All of them. All happy people are stupid and science says so. 

That headline confirmed how I walk around living my life...which is largely in misery, is good. I was right. I was better and smarter than happy people. That article...put me in a good mood...FUCK. I love feeling smart. I love being right. It's the only thing that makes me happy. It's fleeting, but it's good. But as soon as I am right about being miserable then it makes me happy and I become the thing I hate. Once I hate myself...I become smart and in a good mood again, which makes me stupid. It's a never ending cycle. I've been spinning around and around in my head for like 12 hours now and I can't escape. I am just stuck in this mental place. It'll probably continue this way until I die. This article has shined a light on my brain and taken from me the only thing I like. They've invalidated my sense of worth which is based on being miserable. Fuck these people. Once again...defund science. I didn't need to read this today.